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I am a European Certified Coach (see FAQ for full list of qualifications) and have been studying ways of helping people achieve success for many years. I coach people both for business and for challenges in daily life which are preventing them from being at their best. My emphasis is on a balanced and stress-free life. 
I am also an NLP Master Practitioner. NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming, a series of techniques which revolutionise our understanding of how we communicate and promote excellence in all areas of our lives. 
In coaching we work together to successfully reach your goals and to plan your life on both personal and professional levels. Call or email me to find out how we go about exploring your options. 
I also offer Workshops and short courses with the assistance of my partner, Bryan, also an NLP Master and fully qualified Coach.  
I give talks on Life Coaching and NLP, separately or in combination. 
Bespoke Business Workshops: these normally take place at the place of work and are designed for both staff and/or management. They are targeted specifically to ensure effective and desired change in the area required; you will learn a combination of NLP and Coaching skills – more effective than either on its own. 
Life Coaching and NLP Workshops: These take place in a friendly and informal atmosphere at a professional location and are designed for both businesses and therapists and for anyone who wants to expand their skills and learn tools to make their life better and more successful. 
New Service !!! 
I now offer Chameleon Coaching for Coaches 
A Supervisory service for coaches. 
Please contact me for details. 
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"Within 2 months of 
being coached by Liz, I had 
a new fantastic job and 
within 3 months a 
new relationship" 

Frequently asked questions 

How long have you been coaching? 

Since 2002 

What are your qualifications? 

Life Experience ........University of Life !!! 
When her children had all completed their formal education, Liz felt free to start her coaching business which had for a long time been an ambition of hers. Now, 14 years later, Liz Jones Coaching is still expanding and her coaching services are sought after by an increasing number of clients. 
Liz has trained extensively (see below) and is passionate about helping people individually through coaching and NLP, and in groups through workshops on Confidence, Communication etc. 
NLP Practitioner ITS (International Training Seminars) 2002 
NLP Practitioner INLPTA  
(International NLP Training Association)2004 
NLP Master Practitioner Marlin Management Training 2004 
NLP Master Practitioner ITS 2009 
Coaching Certificate and Diploma Newcastle College FE 2005 
Graduate Coach ITS 2009 
City and Guilds Teacher (Delivering Learning to Adults) 2009 

How do you structure your coaching? 

After a free, no obligation chat of about 30 mins, clients can book for 
1 – 12 sessions. Coaching is normally once a week and usually continues for 2 – 4 months. Coaching sessions are by phone or face to face and are scheduled for 60 minutes. 

I want coaching: what's the next step? 

Call Liz on 
01621 857031 or 07979 664587  
for a no-obligation chat,  
or use the contact form above. 
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