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What is Astrocoaching ? 
Astrocoaching is an introduction to coaching with a background of the client's unique Astrological profile, adding insight and value to the session. Liz is both a professional Astrologer and a highly qualified and experienced NLP coach. 
Astrocoaching is a combination of Coaching, Astrology and NLP and can be helpful in Business Coaching and Life Coaching. Although some people may be sceptical about Astrology my clients who have used this combination of techniques have found it to be quite fascinating and extremely useful. 
What can I expect from a session? How does it work? 
Liz coaches face to face or over the phone. Usually a session lasts about 90 mins. She asks her client to fill in a short questionnaire prior to the session so that she can identify the opportunities and challenges in advance of the session. These are then explored during the coaching when the implications of the horoscope are discussed. 
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How does Astrocoaching work?? 
Liz: I do my coaching face to face, or by skype or facetime, or over the phone. A session lasts about 90 mins. I ask my client to fill in a short questionnaire prior to the session so that we both know what opportunities and challenges can be explored during the session. 
'Astro-coaching is unique. In Liz you have a gifted and expert astrologer and an experienced and qualified life coach – this combination surely doesn’t exist very often! It’s one thing to reveal opportunities and potentialities in people (astrology) and quite another to be able to guide a person towards realising those potentialities (coaching). It’s a great blend. I found Astro-coaching to be fascinating, insightful and, ultimately, very practical.' 
Paul Miller, Business Coach and Consultant 
'I found coaching with Liz Jones to be highly beneficial and gained many useful insights. Liz was very effective at providing me with much needed structure and helped me to connect to my key values as a source of energy. Her ability to stay comfortable and hold space for me as a client gave me the opportunity to explore difficult and challenging areas, which were lightened by her sense of humour. Her astrological knowledge enhanced my coaching experience and revealed some astonishingly accurate insights.' 
David Loewy, Coach and Thinking Facilitator 
‘I think that is so useful that it would be of benefit to anyone at any stage of their life. For me it was excellent to have an awareness of what was in my astrology chart past and present to enable me to apply this knowledge to some of the issues I am now facing and to confirm that I am on the right spiritual path. I think that it is so useful that it would be of benefit to anyone at any stage of their life.’ 
I.Y. Blackpool 
‘The astrology part was fascinating, also very personal. I thought Liz’s questioning was relevant and focused which was good as it made me think about my situation. I felt my particular “view” of current events in my life was validated by the session. I liked it that Liz pointed out the patterns in my life and where my strengths lie. It’s a reminder to keep faith and that what has worked before will work again, this was reassuring.’ 
A.W. Camden 
‘I felt liberated to follow my gut instinct more freely. I felt that there was another dimension being consulted. I liked this very much.’ 
M.W. Oxford 
What is Astrology? 
Astrology works on the principle that, at birth, our characteristics and the basic trends of our lives are charted by the cosmic pattern at that particular moment of time and space. It is a concept that sits uncomfortably in the twenty first century. However, if you presuppose that there is truth in it and give it three and a half decades of study, you may find, like I do, that there are rich gains in understanding and amazing insights to be had. 
So, I use your Birth chart (I need the day, month, year, place and, preferably, the exact time of birth – but don’t despair if you don’t know it) to draw up an astronomically exact chart (horoscope) for where and when you were born. (The cosmic pattern is constantly changing and never repeats itself, so your chart and character are unique to you.) 
With this remarkable tool to help me to help you, I ask you which areas of your life you most want to make changes in. I assume that you, or an unconscious part of you, know all the answers and that my job is to draw out from you the best ways to achieve your outcomes. 
So, you now have the assistance of a fully qualified Astrologer, a certified Life Coach and an NLP Master Practitioner! 
In four to twelve sessions, I help you change your attitudes and your day-to-day experiences in the direction you choose, so that you have more choices and achieve the goals you set at the beginning of the course. 
Whether your concern is a phobia which restricts your life or an issue of self-confidence at work; mega stress, or small, annoying irritations, call me (Liz) now on 01621 857031 and arrange an Astrocoaching session. 
I can coach purely by telephone or face to face or a combination of the two.  
The choice is yours.  
Phone now for a chat about how this fascinating combinbation of Astrology and Coaching can help you. 
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