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Liz sees business owners and directors or their employees at their place of work or at a mutually convenient location. 
She also finds that coaching by phone or Skype is very successful and enables her to reach clients anywhere in the world. 
Her skill is in asking the searching questions that allow her clients to form the strategies for success which resonate with them rather than imposing solutions which they may or may not implement. 
Liz uses coaching to improve all areas of your business; some of these are: 
Time Management 
Work-Life Balance 
Cash Flow 
Client expansion 
Product Development 
Liz is happy to have a free introductory meeting with you to discuss the value that coaching can offer your business. 
Call her now to book an appointment: 01621 857031 or 07979 664587 
Liz’s coaching and continued support gave me the confidence and clarity of mind to apply for the Area Manager’s job in 2009 despite negativity expressed by my colleagues. 
I succeeded in my application and have been Team Manager for three years. I love my job and earn £20.000 more than previously and have increased our team’s client base by 500%. 
I could not have done this without Liz’s coaching and NLP skills. 
Regional Manager  
Google Rated: Excellent 
Liz Jones is a fabulous coach who has helped me with direction, clarity, confidence. She is brilliant to work with and easy to talk to, whist you are aware that what we discuss is totally confidential. I would recommend her to anyone who is searching for answers - she will help you find them from within so they are your answers, not hers. 
Helen Wilson 
Target Business Services 
Thank you Liz for the coaching you have provided me over the last few months, I have found discussing my business as well as personal needs with you a great benefit to my business as well as providing me with a different perspective I would not otherwise have seen. 
The business coaching has allowed me to focus on key areas of rny business, to identify areas 
where I needed help, and allowed me to find solutions to problems identified in our meetings. 
I have also had coaching in NLP which I found extremely interesting, very useful and intriguing - at the same time helping me to overcome a hurdle I was experiencing in my life. 
I have been focusing on a number of areas within my business lately and am grateful to know that you are available should I need any assistance. 
I aim to continue working with you in the future and am happy lo recommend your services to 
friends and family as well as with my clients. 
Thank you. 
Stephen Provis 
Website Developer 
Stephen Provis and Co 
I enjoyed every minute of our sessions, it all got me the job! 
The coaching sessions have helped me find my confidence again, and will continue to remind me that I can do it. 
Liz you helped me realise that I can. I have stood up in front of each Human Performance class and I now find it easier to talk to them. I am not as nervous as I used to be. 
I would recommend you to anyone Liz, you have a special gift, a natural bonhomie that shines through and reaches right into your heart and soul. 
Thank you so much dear friend. 
Magnox employee 2014 
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"Liz's coaching gave 
me the confidence and 
clarity of mind... I love my job 
and earn £20,000 more and 
have increased our team's 
client base by 500%" 
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