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What Liz offers as your coach: 
Face to Face coaching: either you come to Liz in Maldon, Essex or she travels to your home, or you meet at a mutually agreeable venue. 
As your coach, she helps and supports you until you successfully reach your particular outcome. If you are prepared to work with her and are serious about changing your life, you will rapidly reach the goals that you set. This is because you only look at possibilities that have been carefully thought out and that you realise are within your own capabilities. As a result, you transform your life far more quickly and easily than you ever thought possible. 
Telephone Coaching: besides face-to-face coaching, Liz also offers telephone and Skype coaching sessions. People are often very surprised that life coaching can be done extremely effectively over the phone even if the coach has not actually met the client. (Liz has coached many people whom she has only met once or whom she has never actually met.) Telephone coaching enables coach and client to communicate wherever in the world they happen to be. 
Fees vary according to a client's circumstances. 
Why don’t you call Liz now and ask her for a Coaching Questionnaire? 
Telephone 01621 857031 or 07979 664587 or use the contact form to email her. 
Press Release!! 
NLP Workshops in Maldon in March & April 2015 
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Liz, in her gentle, intuitive way, has helped me to transform a CRISIS into an invaluable experience. She has guided me in exploring the possibilities that life can offer and shown me that it is possible to live in a way which I can BE TRUE TO MYSELF. 
K.T. Chelmsford 
I was at a crossroads and had LOST DIRECTION in my life. Through Liz's coaching I developed a new creative drive and a life-changing sense of purpose which will carry me through the years to come. 
Now, nine months later, at the age of sixty six, i am holding my own art exhibition. I have Liz to thank for her skill in drawing out from me MY OWN ANSWERS to my problems and for her dedicated support during the months it has taken me to prepared for my exhibition. 
L.E. Maldon 
Liz helped me with confidence issues before my INTERIEW. She gave me strategies and encouragement to come over in a very positive way. Consequently I was OFFERED THE JOB. 
A.G. Whitechapel 
I had failed my exam numerous times so I went to Liz for coaching. I found her calm and insightful and a person I could talk to without feeling embarrassed or uncomfortable. 
I learnt strategies for confidence such as Affirmations and the NLP Circle of Excellence which enable me to know that I am capable of achieving the things I want and can always correct any feelings of lack of confidence. After 5 sessions I went into my exam feeling calm and confident and I passed! 
More doors are opening to me in my career and strategies she taught me are helping me continue to lose weight too. 
J.S. Colchester (Accountant) 
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"In 8 sessions 
I achieved most of my 
outcomes, came to understand 
my values, feel less stressed 
and have more clarity about 
what I really think and want" 
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